About Us

Toronto TRUE Running (Trail Running-Urban Experience) offers beginner and experienced running enthusiasts the benefits of a trail-based experience without leaving the GTA. The result is a diversified running portfolio and a connection not only with the natural world, but with other trail runners and the freedom of unimpeded running joy.

Why trail running?

Trail running offers benefits that cannot be captured during a run through city streets or even on paved trails.

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    Mojave National Preserve, 2014

    Stress release – the runner is in nature, and not battling traffic and congestion

  • Terrain variation – uphill and downhill
  • Diverse pacing achieved running up and down hills means an enhanced running and fitness experience
  • Increased spatial awareness
  • Higher body awareness of how a runner runs
  • Improved strength and fitness over regular road running and less susceptibility to injury
  • A more hospitable running environment, sheltered from heat, wind, and light rain.

Classes are led by myself, Lawrence Warriner, a national class masters’ runner with extensive trail running and racing experience. I  offer an introduction to the benefits of trail running and a familiarity with Toronto’s extensive trail system. Sessions are small (maximum 8 participants), client-focused and provide both theory and practical trail running knowledge.

About Lawrence Warriner

I am an experienced national class masters’ runner with an impressive list of trail running experience and race wins. I won the 2014 Brooklyn Marathon, was Master champion at the 2013 Sporting Life 10K, and two-time master champion of both the Goodlife Half Marathon and the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, where I finished in 1:13:19 and set an unofficial all-time Canadian age group record. I have participated in 17 Boston Marathons and in 2014, finished sixth in my age group with an impressive 2:42:12. I was also the overall winner of the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series Ontario, the Peterborough Half Marathon, and the D&H Rail Trails Half Marathon, and completed the Around The Bay 30k in 1:46:12. 2017 5K 50+ Canadian champion. 2018 5K 55+ Canadian champion. This past year, 2019, I completed two 50 K races, finishing 5th overall and first masters at the Arches Ultra in Moab, Utah and 20th overall at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 K in San Francisco. Also in 2019, a first overall at 5 Peaks Heart Lake and at Mansfield. 2nd overall at Chase the Coyote 25 k.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with other trail runners of all levels, helping them achieve their personal best in this sport.

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