Hi Trail Runners

This summer/fall 2019, Toronto TRUE Running is offering two sessions. Toronto TRUE running fall beginner session starts August 20th and the intermediate/advanced start August 14th

The two sessions are each 8 weeks in duration. As always runners  can switch back and forth between the two groups as long as folks who are in either of the  beginner groups are comfortable attending the intermediate group. This allows for changing schedules and flexibility. The intermediate group does longer runs, minimum 10 k each week with some as long as 14 k. As always there is a limit of 8 runners per group and each session fills up quickly.

Beginner – August 20 to October 8th inclusive – Tuesdays

Intermediate – August 14th to October 2nd inclusive  – Wednesdays. Note this group also has weekend long runs every two weeks as well as many of the runners in this group are training for North Face California 50 K which is November 16th and runners in this group have the option to contuniue with the trail session until that date.

The cost is the same as last year

$100 for returning runners and $110 for everybody else.

e-transfers are best or for past participants payment can be made at the first session.


Please contact me at or 416-986-4496 if you require more info or have any questions

11 thoughts on “Sessions

  1. Toronto TRUE Running says:

    Hi Shakil. I received both payments. Great that you and Martin are joining the Tuesday group. I will send out more details next week.

    Looking forward to meeting both of you



  2. Jennifer Tung says:

    Hi Lawrence, I am keen for the Wednesday group and trying to convince a friend… How long (distance wise) are the runs, on average? She is just starting to stretch out her road running so is a bit nervous. Thanks! Jen

  3. Toronto TRUE Running says:

    Hi Jen,
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you. I was out of town. The runs begin at about 7 or 8km and probably goes as long as 12km. I would love to have you in the Wednesday group. I just have to check on numbers and will let you know tonight. I hope to see you and your friend on the trails!

  4. Toronto TRUE Running says:

    Hi Jennifer. There is still room in the group for one more person. If your friend is also interested I might be able to fit her in. The runs start at about 7 k and work up till about 12 k. The first week is an easy run. There are breaks for skill building built into each run. Let me know if you are joining because there is a bit of a wait list. Cheers. Lawrence

  5. Toronto TRUE Running says:

    Hi Shakil, I’m just putting together an information email for the sessions and realized that I don’t have you or Martin’s email. If you could send them to me here , that would be great.
    Thanks, Lawrence

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