It just doesn’t feel like the time is right so no fall groups

Hi Everyone

I have been debating long and hard whether it is appropriate to start offering trail groups this fall. I have been running the trails almost everyday since the spring and despite the heat it is just wonderful. I have seen so many different animals and talked to many runners and bikers. It has always been such a peaceful place to escape to. Up until a couple days ago I was thinking of doing smaller groups of 6 for 6 weeks starting the beginning of September. It seemed like that was workable and respectful in the current situation. I was looking so forward to seeing so many people I miss and haven’t seen since last fall. There are so many people working so hard to try to control the pandemic and most folks are doing all the right things by wearing masks and following the guidelines. I went for a walk the other night up at the sports fields at Sunnybrook Park and saw multiple soccer games with 15 to 20 adults in each. I thought that that’s is a great way to spend a summer’s  evening but I didn’t think we were there yet. The lessons being learned in states like Florida and Georgia are vivid and scary. I wish we were at the point where such things can safely happen but for me even 6 people, 7 including me, spread apart in the woods with all the best intentions and effort still poses a risk that I don’t feel comfortable taking. I miss the groups and my friends that come to them, I miss racing both trails and roads, I miss it all. I hope spring brings a new season of groups and racing and a full range of activities to all that love them but it doesn’t feel right, not yet.