Caught in a hail storm

Hi Everyone

Today’s run was going along nicely. Zipping past the beautiful blooming carpet of Squill coming out of Pottery Road. Stopped briefly to talk to a runner/neighbour on the uphill paralleling Bayview. Wearing a pair of old road shoes because the trails have been so muddy the past month that my trail shoes hurt my feet due to lack of use. Grabbed that yellow/orange Loblaws cart that was beside the trail heading towards the Millwood bridge. It had been driving me crazy and seeing as I had just grabbed the red one past the bridge yesterday it seemed fitting. Pushed it to the sign board by the bridge and will get it back to the store by the end of the week. Headed out along the Ridge and surveyed the cleanup from yesterday (see pictures). Flying past Thorncliffe and planning the next clean up, feeling good about that. A big huge shout out to whomever or whomevers put in the new bridges along Rim Job and Part Atmosphere. That is a lot of hard work and much appreciated. The incredible rain we have had this spring have resulted in some huge trail washouts. Thanks so much to the folks who did that. Came off that trail and I was heading on to the trail I call Rock Paper Snake which is really called Climbmax and the drops of rain started. I could hear the drops hitting the trees and wondered if I could escape and get home without too much damage. Sadly no, the rain was hail and I got pummeled. Strangely I ran stronger and with more determination as I headed the last 8 K or so for home. Enjoyed the run immensely and made it up the Pottery hill in fine form. Finally home, front and hair drenched but butt and back of T-shirt dry. Perfect, faster then the rain.