Little acts of Boston kindness

Hi Everyone

A marathon race unlike any other in conditions foul and challenging. Trembling and shivering at the thought of the race before us, we sat in tents, damp already and holding excuses aplenty. Run smart, be brave , don’t fall, as many thoughts as miles before us. What never entered my head was that I was alone in this journey. I knew we were all in this together. With 15 Boston’s and hundreds of other races behind me, I felt, as always that we were in it as one.

A few thank you’s then  to my fellow runners and the people of Boston on a day we had to be strong.  As on every  third Monday in April, we stepped up for each other and were stronger together.

To the fellow at the BAA information tent near the start – thank you for letting me stay dry and then finding me a couple safety pins which weirdly were not in my race packet.

Thank you to the two runners who stopped to literarily pick me up after my somersault over another runner who suddenly stopped and bent over to pick something up.

Thank you so much to the two kind ladies who were concerned enough about my condition, I was shivering like a soaked kitten, to offer me their umbrella and then to follow up by insisting on putting their warm jacket around me.

Thank you to the woman at about mile 17 handing out dry gloves in plastic ziplock bags. That was amazing, my hands were frozen solid.

Thank you so very much to the runner from North Brooklyn Runners who paced me in the last 8 miles or so. He said he would do his best for me and he certainly did.

Thank you to all. Everyone who drove a bus, handed out a cup of water, all the folks who stood in the rain cheering, all the people who said “nice job”because that’s what you say for some reason and to everyone else who made the day special., Thank you from the bottom of my Boston heart. Thanks also to Nancy, she always makes it special.