Spring 2018 trail groups start April 17th and 18th

Hi Everyone

This  year  is our 4th year of hosting trail running groups in Toronto. Each year we typically do groups in the spring, summer and fall exploring the seemingly ending single track trails in the Don Valley. Each year we add new features and find new trails. This spring we will be starting 2 groups, beginner and intermediate, on Tuesday April 17th and Wednesday April 18th. The groups last 8 weeks and are limited to a very small number of runners (8 per group).runners can switch back and forth between the 2 groups to maximize flexibility. Both groups primary focus is to improve your overall running technique and for participants to use trail running as important part of your training. The intermediate group runs longer routes and explores trail running techniques in greater depth. Many of our runners return year after year and session after session. They love the unique aspects and fitness benefits of trail running.

Our 2 groups are filling very fast, if you are interested visit torontotruerunning.com for more info.

see you on the trails