Running through my life

Hi Everyone

So the Yorkville 5K was the past weekend. The race was great and a lot of fun and all that stuff. It was nice to some folks I hadn’t seen in a while. It was nice to race for the first time in a long time. All that was very cool.

So the staging area and race area was at Jesse Ketchum Public School. I told my wife about some of the work I have done at the school, I work for the school board. The school is a great old inner city school which hasn’t changed much over the years, I love old schools with the thin strip hardwood floors and the cleaning smell. Jesse Ketchum is also where I first went to school. I went to the daycare there as well as part of kindergarten. I learned to play chess and had a best friend named Godfrey. I can easily close my eyes and see me on the blue mats at nap time or in the playground. Much of it is exactly the same. My brother used to ask on most days how many hockey cards I had won in flips or knockdown or closest to the wall. On most days it was quite a stack.

This past February I lost my mom. She was nearly 94. She was, as almost every mom was or is the greatest person who ever lived. Everything she ever did tasted great, made me feel great or was just another ordinary everyday miracle. One of her bits of magic was that from time to time she would pick me up from school and we would walk home. My mom didn’t drive and walked everywhere. The walk home was along Berryman St where there was a tiny penny candy store with a glass display, where for only a few pennies, you know me I am in the 50 + age group, you could buy a paper bag full on spearmint leaves, strawberry marshmallows etc. By the time we walked home to Ottawa St the bag was empty and my dinner was never spoiled. Those days didn’t happen often but enough so I keenly remember them.

One day, my kindergarten teacher called my parents to come into the school for a meeting. She told my parents that all I did was run around the classroom. My mom turned to me and asked if that was so. I told her yes and said that that’s what we were supposed to do. The teacher quickly corrected me with a “No, we are not supposed to run around the class and thats why mom and dad are here, it needs to stop”. My mom looked a little concerned and said ” Lawrence, stop running around the classroom, run around outside, perhaps in the woods”. So that’s what I have been doing ever since. I added the woods part but hey it is a trail running blog so I have licence.

My mom came to see me not long after that, win the 100 m dash in grade school and so many more races after that one. So mom, that Canadian 5 K 50-54 Championship is for you. In the place where it kinda started I thought of you at the finish.