Sketch Guy does running

Hi Everyone

So one of my favourite columns is the New York Times column, Sketch Guy. The fellow’s name is Carl Richards. He is a plain spoken ordinary dude who writes this column and the accompanying sketch that goes with it. His insights and ability to put everyday challenges into understandable bits is remarkable. He is able to present doable solutions to the problem before us. His examination of the problem solving chain is great in it’s clarity and exactness.

Lots of people, well a bunch of people ask me what is the key to running. “I want to exercise /run but I don’t seem able to find the motivation”. Ok fair enough. So let’s try to get more people out the door. Sketch Guy just did a column on writing and creativity. The basic idea was that you need to remove all obstacles that impede your ability to put your creativity into action. Note this is not removing obstacle to being creative it is removing obstacles to doing something with that creativity. The idea is once you feel creative you are able to go ahead. That means if you are a painter you have paints and an easel up and ready. So if you are a runner or aspiring runner that means you have shoes and clothes and a plan of where you will run already in place so that when motivation or free time is there you can go run. No excuses. The old ” I wanted to run but couldn’t find my shoes” or ” I wanted to run but needed new running shorts” excuses are not available. Sometimes life does get in the way of things we really want accomplish. On some very difficult days it seems you just won’t be able to get out the door. If I can get out the door on those days, those are bonus days (see my post – Bonus Runs)

Get what you need, put it by the door, have a easy 4 k run route in mind that won’t be ” too long” or “too hilly” or whatever. When that bunch of people ask me what the key to starting running/exercising is, I always tell them the same thing. Open your front door and walk across the street and back. They always say the same thing back, “what?”. Just get out the door. Once you are out the door you will do more than just walk across the street, I promise you.

Here is my sketch for the “I want to run but can’t seem to run problem”

Thanks Sketch Guy for all the amazing columns and for getting me to write this one. He also does a podcast called the Behavioural Gap which is on Soundcloud and is awesome as well.