On the Road and all over the map

Hi Folks

I know everyone intends to post while on vacation and I had meant to but I was out having fun and even getting in a run every once in a while. I just picked up a laptop for the road so I have no excuse now.

Boston is 6 weeks a way and I have been lazy. Well not exactly lazy, lets say casual. Lawrence, the casual marathoner. Or how about Lawrence, the casual Boston marathoner. That sounds worse doesn’t it. Taking Boston casually must be some sort of running crime or misdemeanour at least. This is Boston number 15 I think. When someone has lost track of how many Boston marathons they have run that is a little bit too casual as well. I may have to write this info down somewhere because Kate (my daughter) isn’t around to tell me what grade she was in when I started the current streak so I actually don’t really know. Some of this attitude may be derived from the fact that mice at my cottage ate through most of my official Boston shirts that I kept unworn and I was somewhat pissed. This is definitely not the year to be taking Boston in a laissez-faire manner but that is what I am doing. Last year was really tough at Boston and I don’t have another marathon to fall back on with a fast time which will qualify me for an acceptable corral for next year so you would think I would take this a little more seriously. Yes I will probably hunker down once this trip is over and hit the trails hard all fall and seriously (?) get ready for Brooklyn in the fall and and my qualifying troubles will hopefully be miles behind me.

So what am I doing ? Well in between the kayaking, the snorkelling and reading a book a day on a tropical beach, I am running. Some days are awesome runs along Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon or an 8 km sand run through White Sands National Monument. Some days, often 4 or 5 in a row are more the kayaking kind with no running at all. Beautiful, remote, brochure quality, winning the lottery pristine beaches rarely are long enough for much running at all and by the time we set up our camp and ease back from a day of paddling we are done. So really it is an enforced casual existence, though reading this paragraph out loud sure makes it seem that I am a lazy Larry.

So I have to be less casual over the next 6 weeks and get my act together. I had a nice run yesterday on the Don trails. We were home for a week due to a family emergency. We are at this very moment on Delta flight 131 to Mexico City where we will stay for a week before resuming the Jeep thing through Baja. Running in Mexico City should be a treat and I do love the running as a means to explore new places model. I will check back in next Saturday and lets see if I can put in a casual 75 Km between now and then.

Hasta pronto


Footnote : I am actually publishing this a week later and I am pleased to say that I have put in around 58 km in the last 5 days, most at altitude in Mexico City.