Spring groups are done and summer groups well underway

Hi Everyone

The two spring groups wrapped up in mid-june and we are now 3 weeks into the summer groups. The spring groups concluded with our own version of the Barkley Marathon through the Don single track trails. A very competitive affair with a very close finish and everyone completing the challenging course. There were books to be found everywhere, minus time books and secret bonus time books. The winner’s trophy is safely in the hands of Sean Symes, at least until our second “Dash through the Don” which will occurs in three weeks at the conclusion of our summer groups. I sense a bit of a grudge match in the making after last time. The fall groups are going to begin at the beginning of September and the format looks something like this. A Tuesday night group which will be an advanced group tailored to the individual runner. The runs will be harder and more challenging and I will be doing a lot more on the specifics of each runner. This group will also have a optional weekly run on Thursday night which runners can join as part of the “advanced” session. This group is very limited in size, only 6 runners, and is already half full. The second group will be a regular trail group like in the past, most likely on Wednesday nights. The size limit is 8 runners and it has already started to fill. I will be posting shortly about these two groups and how anyone interested can sign up. The groups are proving to be very popular and I wish I could do more of them.

Thats the brief update for now, other updates to follow with some great photos from this summer and spring.