this is it


Our spring trail groups are now complete. 6 wonderful weeks of exploring and finding out who we are. Before we conclude though, this Tuesday we will be doing our first ever trail “race” I thought that a challenging “Barkleys” style 7K would be a chance for a little fun and to explore ourselves just a little bit more.

So a little reflection on the spring groups in this our second year:

I thought the trail groups were about learning to run trails but they weren’t. I also thought the groups were about sharing a place I hold dear with some other like-minded runners but it wasn’t. Maybe the groups were a chance to find out about a way to expand one’s running universe and bring something to running that isn’t usually there, adventure. But that wasn’t it either. In the classic film, “Field of Dreams”, Ray is trying to unravel the mystery of the voice and he thinks he has it solved when he sees his father as a young man and he says “it was you” and the Shoeless Joe says “No Ray, it was you”. It seemed to me that so many people in the group were saying in one way or another that “I” sure enjoyed the experience we shared as a group and everything we tried but what “I” really liked was what I learned about myself. The trail groups were about adventure, skills, a new way to experience running and friendship but I came to realize it was just as much about each runner finding out about themselves. We all wonder who we are. We all ask ourselves “what am I capable of?” That was what this was about. I saw something change in each one of us. Another step (ok a lot of steps) in finding the confidence and belief that we are capable of more than what we believe. I didn’t know that what was really going on, when we were climbing steep hills and descending even steeper ones, was that we were finding out that we could. I heard over and over again that ” I never would have tried this” or ” I can’t believe I am doing this” but then “I never” became I DID and “I can’t believe” became I BELIEVE. I watched trepidation become confidence time and time again. Without being too dramatic or overstating, it wasn’t just running and discovering trails, paths, uphills, downhills, creeks or hidden ravines it was a chance to discover just who we are.

I really want to say thank you to Sean, Shakil, Anastasia, Martin, Peter, Giselle, Anthony, Eric, Marty, Carolyn, Sherlita, Janice, Jarmila and Jennifer. This year was very special. I look forward to our “race” and also our last get together fun trail run on Wednesday June 22nd.

Summer groups are starting June 27th. This summer, Jennifer Faraone and I will be running a 5 week trail clinic series on Monday nights. The groups start at 6:30 p.m.and the location is the wonderful single track running trails in the Don Valley. There are just a few spots left. If you are interested please see the sessions page at