Trail groups are off and……..

Hi Folks

A quick recap of week one of our two trail groups. Each group did about 7 kms and we meandered our way from the Pottery Road trailhead past the amazing trilliums near the Loblaws trailhead to the Overlea Bridge and back along the river. The trails are in amazing shape and lots of runners, walkers and of course Mtn bikers all out in force.This week was a introduction to trails with an emphasis on safety and trail etiquette. Lots and lots of questions like ” How can I watch my feet as well as enjoy the beauty of the trails?” and “How does a run on the trails compare with a run on the roads?”. My answer to the second one was “A trail run is always a much harder run with typical pacing at least 30 seconds per K slower then the roads”. Today I was checking out some of the other trails including one that I hadn’t run in a while. It was completely overgrown and unusable but there was a deer hiding out there so well worth the exploration. The harmony that makes the trails such a special place is so very delicate. The shared urban space is always out of balance. Runners, bikers, wildlife, dog walkers, hiking groups, urban interference (read – garbage, DVP, trains etc) and so much else all exist in this incredible place. It all collides.

I hope everybody enjoyed week one and next week we will have two meeting places, one for those who want the regular distance and an early meeting time and spot for those who would like some extra distance. Particulars by email on Monday.