Resolutions No – getting unstuck Yes

Hi Folks

I like the idea that any day is a good day for a resolution. Today – insert date, I resolve to – insert resolve. But I like the idea of getting unstuck better. Getting to where I want to go is often a case of just moving forward on what I want to do. Most of us have lots of things on the go and I would bet a lot of those things haven’t moved much in a while and some in a long while. Everybody has a: unfinished book, a table in the basement only half refinished, a scrapbook left only partly done etc. We see those things from time to time but would rather look away. This blog/website gets that way from time to time. Life gets in the way and I miss writing for a couple weeks or more (yikes). Running easily gets that way too. You miss a few days and then suddenly it is a couple weeks or more since you last put on the shoes. Then you are filled with guilt and feeling like you are falling farther and farther away from the runner you were. You are stuck. Right now I am stuck so I share your regrets. Running seems harder and my pace slower. Hills are tougher and longer than they used to be. I am sticking with it I say. I am sticking with it. I am stuck.

So I wrote the paragraph above just after New Years and boy was I stuck.I couldn’t seem to get my running going. I ran every day but I wasn’t feeling much progress. I would run into a serious injury not 6 weeks later which put a huge hurt on the hard work I did to get unstuck and ready for Boston. See blog post - for what happened in Beantown. I wasn’t sure about doing the trail running groups and as I said above I hadn’t touched this blog in a few weeks. I hated what was happening on all running fronts. How did I get unstuck? I did the only thing I could, I moved forward. I have found that even just an tiny incremental move forward gives you back some of the momentum that has been lost. Like writing a new blog post, just setting the dates for the new trail sessions or getting in a run after some missed time. So when I get stuck I know the best way out for me is not some huge effort which is often daunting but maybe just a one small step which leads to another and soon you are on your way.