Bonus Runs


There come those days that are so cold or you are so very tired or both and you just can’t get out the door. I am not talking about those days. There are so many when you look out the window and shudder because it is -17 degrees. I am not talking about those days when you are stiff and sore and you know the first 3 K will be ow ow ow ow. I am thinking about the days when you have just completed a 16 hour drive to your daughter’s university and back. I am talking about the days when it’s 9:30 at night and you finally finished that huge project at home and you want nothing more than a cup of tea, 3 cans of coke (personal bias) and to watch an awesome Sunday night football game. These are the days when it really doesn’t seem possible that you can summon the energy to run. It is not that you don’t want to run but you just about almost can’t.

Over the years, I have developed a philosophy of “if I can run then I should run” Today it is pouring out. A cold sort of fall rain where after about 10 minutes my feet would be sodden and they would make a Saucony commercial about my dedication. Today might be a Bonus Day but it is really not. I am doing a crazy 30 K tomorrow as part of 8 long runs of 27 K in 3 weeks in some misguided effort to get ready for the Brooklyn Marathon. Today would be a great rest day anyway which I really need. But if it were not then it would be what I call a Bonus Day. A Bonus Day is a day like in the first paragraph where there is a 98% chance that you won’t run. Sometimes on those days I will tell myself that today is a Bonus Day in an attempt to motivate myself. I try to find that 2%. I might find it by agreeing that I will just go down to the bottom of Pottery Road and back. This is the giant hill just down the street. I will try to find the beginning of this bonus run. Just a thread to get me started. There is a NIKE commercial I love which I often watch before a run Just watching this can get me out the door. I have about 20 videos in a playlist which I watch while stretching or pulling myself together. Once I found the way out the door I know I will be OK. Though my agreement with myself might be only 2 K or the bottom of the hill, secretly I know that I will do more, secretly I know it is a Jedi mind trick of getting me out the door because at the bottom of that hill the road continues on. Trails and paths will whisk me away to the beach or the forest and I will run.I will feel better about this run then most other runs because I ran because I could run.