Where did I go? Well…..


This is the point that is always slightly awkward. You know, the spot where I apologize for not posting for 3 months. First it starts with the apologies – All of July was occupied with Nancy and I sea kayaking the San Juan Islands and Tofino,BC then August and September were completely full of getting the house addition going plus all the wedding planning for the actual wedding of October 10th, then the crappy fact that for 3 months I haven’t been able to run because of a serious stress fracture in my right Fibula and so on. We all have excuses and those are mine. Now, I cast them all aside.

The website has never been far from my mind and as most things that we fail to realize, becomes an increasing mass of guilt. I have thoughts unfinished that I should have written as well. Particularly letting down the folks in my May and June trail running groups who were counting on both content and uploaded video. No excuses there because I should have done those things and didn’t. My Fault. Period.

Ok where does that leave this us? Well strangely it leaves us with running itself. We fall off, miss days and take breaks. As we do, running begins to whisper at us, “Where are you? Hey Psst Why aren’t you out running Lawrence?” The voice gets louder and we feel worse with every day that passes where we don’t run. That’s when we often wish we weren’t runners just so the voice will go away. Well, we are runners and that voice is rarely silenced because we love to run and what running does for us. For 3 months I have yearned to run. Wistfully glancing at every runner bouncing down the street or trail (gulp) and wishing it was me. Well, for the first time in a long while, it is me. I am back. Cleared last Tuesday by the surgeon to run. Sweet words to be sure. This week was an exhausting, leg weary and wonderful 70 kms. I was all over my favourite trails albeit much slower than usual.Bits and pieces hurt that never do when I am in top form. I am having to really tough out some of these early runs. I am trying to make up for lost time as important races are looming large before me. There will be no days off now. I have had my “summer” break and now it is time to run. So for both my running and Toronto TRUE Running I pledge the usual; Hard work in the hardest moments and to give all I possibly can. With this in mind, there may be some good results on the horizon.

Much, much more to follow

Cheers and I will do better.