All the ghosts chasing me and the ones laying in wait – Pt 1

Hi Everyone

Change gives thought. Over the past couple years I have made many changes and had many changes come unexpectedly upon my life. One famous line from some famous movie goes something like this “You reach that point in your life when God stops giving you stuff and starts taking stuff away”. Not that I believe completely in that line but it sounds good and at least to some degree it is true. A couple years ago I wrote a long missive to myself about how perhaps at nearly 50, all the best days of running were behind me and though there might be flickers from time to time, my fastest days were now in the past. It was a long sad declaration of surrender written at a somewhat low point in my life. Nothing extreme but feeling kinda low. Yesterday I took into account my very sore high ankle sprain and I decided to go rollerblading instead of running. Rollerblading is the single best non-running activity that helps your running there is. The motion gently stretches sore muscles and definitely helped my ankle. It was rainy and somewhat solemn. Few folks were out, I know you are saying “what a fool for rollerblading in the rain, recipe for injury I say”. You are right but I took it slow. I always say run as fast as you can and walk as slow as you want. So at my gentle pace I skated through old familiar areas. Lots of finish lines and favourite trails with hundreds of runs on them rolled by. Sometimes on my runs when I am tearing along on a particularly good day I will imagine I am being chased my any number of local running friends who might give a good chase. No time for much else on those runs except full concentration on not being caught. Well on a slow walk or Rollerblade there is lots of time for thought and so much of my thought yesterday was about change. I have lived here in downtown Toronto my whole life. For every current friend, family or pet there seems to be many more ghosts that are chasing me. Today I thought a lot about those ghosts.

Pt 2 – tomorrow