Terrible Clunky video of me running through terrible sand dunes but loving it

Hi Everyone

I am sorry for the long title of this blog but not as sorry as I am for the choppy video with ill placed camera angles that you will see if you click on the video below. I am also sorry for the long sentence I just wrote. Many of my sentences tend to be run-on sentences. Oh groan. This is just getting worse and worse. Back to the video and why it is choppy. Apparently you need a wicked fast computer with a ridiculous state of the art graphics card to see GoPro videos shot at the highest resolution.

OK, my tips on running crazy high sand dunes that never seem to end.

1. Never ever stop.What little momentum you are carrying, you need.
2. If your arms stop moving, you are done for, so keep pumping.
3. You know the phrase” Never look down”, well when running sand mountains, I say ” Never look up”. Concentrate on what is before you.

This week in the trail sessions we are working on shifting your weight around all those tight corners.This will be in the next set of tips for running trails which will happen this thursday with video of some of our runners. We will be doing that only if the rain holds off. Lots of kilometres this week for this guy, around 115 and most on trails or sand. Did the lower trail by the river. It is sandier there amd it was drier and ok for running. Happen to see a deer by the GO tracks. Maybe 10 feet away, a young doe.

Cheers and this marks the 30th post on Toronto True Running