Storming through the sand and a story.

Hi Folks I am at my cottage for the weekend and that means into the sand dunes I go for my runs. A couple years ago I took a year off from pretty much everything. I made some huge changes in my life and Maddie, the 3 cats and I spent the fall and early winter tearing down and rebuilding my cottage which for that year would double as my home. The cats explored the farmland, Maddie swam in the lake and I built furiously as days got colder and shorter. The symbolism of tearing down and rebuilding is not lost on my running as well. I ran pretty much everyday in the sand dunes of Sandbanks. Deep snow and ice did not deter this fellow. Runs were more than an hour every day and nature of both the hugh sand dunes and the boyhood realm I ran through daily were wonderous. One fall day at the end of a run I hopped over the small shoreline dune to discover 7 or 8 deer playing in the water. I crouched behind that dune for a good 30 minutes watching them and wishing I had a camera. Yesterday and today I went back to the dunes for the first time in a while. I ran the shore out to one of my most special places, which I will write about sometime, and through the rolling sand to the high steep dunes. This run climbs a good dozen monster dunes and gives your quads all they can handle. Today I took my new GoPro and filmed some of the climbs and descent but I discovered that to take a video requires me to climb each dune twice. Once to set up the camera and then once more to run up while it films. So todays run was double duty on some of the bigger climbs. If the computer I am currently typing on was newer and had the proper OS I could included some of these videos. Alas it is not, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Of course it might be video of my forehead or the ground or who knows what. Remember this was my first day with the GoPro. All I have are a couple photos I took after my run while drinking the half full gatorade which had been sitting in my car since the 5 peaks race last weekend. Here are a couple photos plus I am including a story I wrote last year for a writing course I took at FutureLearn online. It is sort of along the lines of the post I wrote about Salazar and I thought I would include it. Please be kind, though I do love to write and I think my stuff isn’t half bad, it probably isn’t. Here is the story followed by a couple photos. I think the word “couple” can mean 2 or 3 things but Kate disagrees. Cheers for now Lawrence

I used to believe that greatness was equal parts hard work and wishes coming true. I used to believe that great people didn’t stand on the shoulders of giants. I used to believe that. Disgraced heroes now litter the ground while new gods step up daily to occupy their well worn pedestals . My name is Mark and I am 43 years old. I live beside a railway track and an old feed silo. I watch Sunday night baseball and cheer anyways. I have a collection of pennants on my walls. You know the felt kind you might get from a trip to Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon except mine champion the Trojans of USC or the Metropolitans from Queens. Darryl Strawberry did drugs as did Dwight Gooden. Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush cheated their way to championships and OJ did what OJ did. My daughter asked me the other day after reading that a member of one of her favourite bands was caught doing drugs, “Is anything pure anymore Dad ?”. I began to say no but said yes instead much like I did ten years before when she asked about Santa Claus. ” Yes honey, there are still heroes”. Sadly I thought that my dad never had to lie to me when I was a kid. There were real heroes back then. image image-1 image-2