This weeks session and come out Monday for a free run with Toronto True

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Hi Everyone

Week two happened on Wednesday evening and from all accounts, including mine (which is here), went really well. We worked a lot on footwork and explored more of the trails. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new parts of the trail system and found it challenging and fun. The trails are in great shape. We have been really lucky with the weather. We are going to build on footwork next week as well as attack some more hills. Momentum and maintaining a consistent effort are other topics we tackled. I will be doing an extra session this monday at 6:30 at Pottery Road. This is open to anyone who is thinking of joining us for the next 6 sessions. It is free, fun and I promise you will find trail running a surprising and different kind of running. I have room for about 3 people so email me ASAP.


Lawrence – Also, Thanks Natasha for the photos of me and the Video above.