Running Résumés – Part 2

So we chase PB’s and quest for ways to pad our running portfolios. We take pride in the numbers we put up. We die a little on days that are disappointing and float a few inches off the ground on those rare days when all the cosmic tumblers click into place. Is that all running is about? Obviously the answer is a resounding NO, otherwise we would be disappointed almost all the time and give up running. So why you may ask did I even begin to write about this topic? Because I am going through a bit of the running of the numbers. A friend congratulated me on my performance at Around the Bay a while back and I said thank you very much. She then said something along the lines of ” I hope you celebrate these days by doing something very special”. I said ” no not really “. I was thrilled and excited by the result certainly but I used it to heap more pressure on myself for the next race. Is my running about living up to the past numbers? Well it seems it is right now and that why I am throwing up before every race. Streaks at Boston are fun but they can easily become obligations. PB’s are wonderful but they often set a bar that must be beaten every time or we are failures. Right now I have trapped myself in a world of my own unrealistic expectations and I am not really very happy.