Running Résumés – Part 1

Hi Folks

Our running portfolio is important to us. PB’s , PR’s and lists of all sorts. Number of Marathons run and prestigious races we have participated in are often amongst the first questions you ask or get asked on the bus ride to the start at race somewhere, perhaps the ride to the start at Boston. You always get the follow-up of “Where did you qualify?” Of course these are great conversation starters and HEY it isn’t exactly off topic. But there it is, Boston. Always a yardstick. How many? How many in a row? Were you there in 2013? I got asked that at the Framing Factory in Toronto today. Of course I was picking up 2 Boston Marathon related framing items. One of which is kinda a great story that I will tell another time soon about when I first ran way way back in 1988. See there it is again. I am name/race dropping. As I write this I now realize that this topic probably needs a part 2 so I just added the PART 1 to the title. Somehow we are always looking to add to our running résumés. They never seem complete. Mine certainly doesn’t though I am much more satisfied these days with last year’s PB at Boston. Just as we feel better about one aspect of our running portfolio we often become dissatisfied with another part. You run a PB in a marathon and suddenly our HALF time starts to look a little shabby. We are always moving the goal posts on ourselves. I am as guilty as anyone. This year I ran a 2:48:39 at Boston. A few years ago that time wouldn’t have been half bad. Heck I ran a 2:47 three years ago and I was toasting the day with chocolate milk with Kyle at Shaw’s Supermarket. I will plumb the deep of my own running ego for part 2 which will be thursday I imagine.

Run well.