Stuck in the middle – Part 2


Two days off, albeit with a 1200 kms all day Saturday drive, and not much has changed. I went out for what should have been an easy 13 kms on the trails and it wasn’t. The first few kms were somewhat free flowing but I still knew. I ran through the brilliant sunlight as fast as always but I still knew. What did I know? I know now that this will not be a quick return to lightning fast runs where I can accelerate at will. Days when I barely touch the ground and shout with triumph at the top of the Pottery Road hill are a ways off. The return trip on the trail was painful. Hills that are usually hard were super tough. I paused at the top of one of them and then paused at my pause. What was I doing stopping here? I never stop here or anywhere.

So where do I go from here? What comes after you realize that you have tired legs and runs are going to be very hard. I will fight through it I have decided. I will run every day I can. It will hurt and I will dread the runs but I will revel in the spring weather, I will jump for joy for small victories. I will not stop believing. Tomorrow I will do the same loop as today. Lots of hills and sweat. I will run.