Stuck in the middle Part One

Here I am in the middle of racing season. Not that there ever is an off season except maybe January but even then I am getting ready for Peterborough, ATB etc. This part of the year should bring fresh sprig legs and the joy of finally getting out in shorts feeling the warmth of the sun. Me, well I am kinda stuck, stuck in the middle. My legs are pretty dead and heavy. I call it clunky. I have a whole whack of races coming up, I have put in the hard training but I am worn out. I could rest. Take a couple weeks off, sacrifice some fitness and hope to come back fresh or try to fight through the fatigue and clunk. You might guess which route I am currently following. My experience has taught me that the tired legs will heal and I will sometime next week come out firing on all cylinders. Two forced days off tomorrow and Saturday will be a good indicator of whether I have chosen wisely. Update you Sunday. I will post a couple photos from the past couple weeks.

to those racing this weekend, best of luck.