Bluebells and dry trails and 5 Peaks

Hi Folks

Out walking the trails today and the bluebells are everywhere. The woods look amazing and the trails are completely dry. Yesterday was the first of the Ontario series of 5 Peaks out at Terra Cotta. The conditions were super muddy and some parts were deep deep. I took a huge tumble coming off the bridge in the first kilometre and took down a fellow runner who would eventually finish 2nd overall in the Enduro race. We had a good chat after the race. I managed to pull myself up and finish a respectable 4th overall. Legs felt like lead after Boston. I am not sure how to proceed with my recovery from Boston. I had the trail race yesterday and most likely I will do the Goodlife Half next weekend. After that it is Sporting Life and perhaps a big trails race relay in Nova Scotia. I will head out on the trails today for 8 K and just try to relax. My sizeable tumble yesterday in the 5 peaks race left me with road rash as a souvenir. I was going to take a photo but that’s just gruesome. Here are a few wonderful photos of the bluebells up from the Pottery Road trailhead. Lots of Mtn Bikers out to day and it is spectacular. Have a great run today and I hope to be on the road (trail) to recovery. Boy this post sounds somewhat cheesy (sorry).