Home again

Three days after arriving home I am able to write about the marathon. Not so much because I have finally digested it and come to terms with a somewhat disappointing result but more because I finally have time. In the race itself, as I fought with the inevitable struggle and bravery of the last few miles, I also fought with the knowledge that it wouldn’t be a 2:37 but rather something less or in measurement of time, more. In response to the many debriefings I have had with friends and family I have used the phrase ” It is ok, you out yourself in position to do well and you hope the day is yours”. I didn’t really put myself in the best position on Monday. Mentally I had put far too many expectations on myself and physically I had put a lot in to ATB and my legs weren’t fresh. I wanted to run a 2:36ish marathon. I went there to run that. Perhaps with a more conservative pace I could have gone home with a 2:41 or so but that’s not what I went there to run. I ran a race I could not run. I set a pace that was over the edge and I succumbed to that ambition. So my coming to terms with the race happened in the latter part of the race. I tried my best, I ran the race I wanted to run. I at complete peace with the result and ready for another day. No excuses and it certainly wasn’t the headwinds nor the rain, it was me.

Congratulations to all my friends who ran their race and to everyone. Today may be the only day. I think that would make a great t-shirt.