The night before Boston

You try to find something yummy to eat but nothing feels quite right. You go for a shake out run but that feels clunky. A nice massage helps a bit and your wife/husband/daughter/friend is there for you and doing all they can do to help. My calves are still tight and I feel a bit like a disaster. Is this typical before a marathon for me? Sometimes it is though the calf issues are not and the clunky run usually isn’t either. I am hoping for a very good day. Coming to Boston this year I have had sore legs for about a week. Around the Bay was a hard but really great race. I should be recovered but only a few runs have felt like butter. So off to sleep I go, trying to grab a few hours of nervous shut eye before a 5:30 wake up and a scramble for the buses. I will catch the T for a couple stops. I have faith in my heart. I know I will do everything I can do tomorrow to run the race I want. I will run smart, efficient and with courage. I will respect the distance and all others I encounter on my journey. I want you to to run the race of your life. Hug your friend/wife/husband/fiancee/daughter at the finish line. They know you gave it your everything. I will run the race of my life tomorrow and I will do the very best I can do. Thats it then.

good luck and remember – Today may be the only day