Trails are muddy and I am running fast but tired

Hi on Easter Sunday

Now into the taper for Boston. For some reason I really dislike the word, Taper. I dislike tapering which probably has caused my dislike for the word. As with many runners, I feel like I am losing fitness by backing off from serious workouts. Today was a fast but sore 19 K. Trails continue to be super muddy and not suitable for anything. This is the part of the year, along with a parallel time in November/ early December, where the trails can be off limits for weeks. I have a bit of a stretched ligament in my left groin. It hurts a lot when I cough or sneeze and somewhat when I run. I managed to tear through 19 K and felt decent. I am not sure how ATB has impacted my prep for Boston. I am still so thrilled by the ATB time and record. I am taking a few more rest days and a few more baths. Tuesday is colonoscopy day and I am just so looking forward to that. One thing I know for Boston this year is that I will be so much more relaxed. All the races I have had over the past few years has given me a great deal of calm about Boston. I am not worried about the result. I know that a great race is very possible and I actually am looking forward to the action.

Cheers and salutations