March Break is over – trails are getting drier

A slightly tardy after March Break post

I was away most of march break visiting my daughter at university and joining my fiancee, Nancy, in Montreal for a bit of a getaway. A refreshing run up Mount Royal, watching tobogganers and X-country skiers, was the running highlight of the week.

Back in Toronto with a couple 30 Km runs mostly on the spit and the paved Don River Trail as I get ready for Around the Bay. Around the Bay is always a tricky call. 3 weeks before Boston and having the odd 30 K distance makes running it a tough decision. It is one of many races that I have a historical tie to and that makes it both a habit and burden. I feel compelled to run it but as many people wonder, what is the impact of a hard 30 K race going to be on my Boston time/freshness. A friend of mine did some sort of study and found that folks who run the Bay are negatively impacted at Boston. I have no sort of personal experience with not doing both. My best guess at a correlation that if my time at the Bay is strong then it bodes well for Boston. I have always used the Bay as a measuring stick for my fitness for Boston. I will run the Hamilton race as always, full out effort and holding nothing back.

As far as the trails are concerned, my run yesterday crossed the trails in several places and the thaw/melt continues. The temperature, though cold, is not sufficient to freeze the trails and the sunshine is keeping the paths on the muddy side. A few mucky footprints are indicators of needed patience.

Ok, good luck to all runners this week and I will update the trails this wednesday