Another day off the trails but I wasn’t alone

Sunny, sure was. Windy yep that too. Interesting run with my friend, Kyle. About once every couple weeks, Kyle and manage to get together for some sort of run. We met as runners. Often racing against each other and finishing around the same time. Kyle is a terrific runner with amazing strength. He has run me down many times. I would love to have him as part of this company as a coach. He is a highly competitive runner with lots of significant wins under his belt as well as being a super swell guy. Today we ran down Logan Ave. along the waterfront trial and out to Cherry Beach then to the Leslie Street Spit, did part of that and then returned home by the waterfront trail and back up logan. I am guessing about 19 Kms in about 1:15. A decent run for sure.

A run of any sort will provide you with lots of learning opportunities. Today I saw that the waterfront trails section near Cherry Beach is almost snow/ice free which is nice. I was able to gauge my fitness against his. We shared stories, woes and triumphs. We recalled the past, remembering races where we were pitted against each other. Mostly though, we shared a bond of shared journey. We covered the distance together. We have often started races side by side. The last words said before the gun are usually supportive and incredibly kind. We compete for the love of doing our best and against each other. Our friendship grew out of that. Today we competed again, surging here and there, pushing up hills and giving a little more just to make the other know we are there. Thanks friend.