Sorry for the missed days – Website changes but here is the new post


Because of a flurry of mostly unnoticeable but crucial website changes I was unable to post for a couple days. We struggled to add a spot for the weekly column but it is up and on the sidebar. Soon a collective header will exists for all three posts. We are busy with creating a payment method which most likely be an electronic bank transfer system through email. Other changes include moving the first sessions two weeks on to better accommodate our running partners and to ensure the trails are dry and useable.

Enough with the admin bits. I was on the trails on Sunday for the first 25 minutes of my run from the Pottery Road parking lot to the Dentist Hill. Dentist Hill? Each major hill has a nickname and the Dentist Hill is the paved access from the Don Valley to Thorncliffe area. Why is it called this? Well easy enough, my dentist’s office is at the top of the hill. Other hills include the Loblaws Hill which needs no explanation but here it is anyways. The hill has the Loblaws on Redway Rd. at the top and that’s where I do my hill repeats year round. This hill is also called, more popularly amongst skateboarders, “the poop chute”. This moniker may require a further explanation and more on the skateboarders later. The “Poop Chute” is referred to as such by the skateboarders because of the city filtration plant located at the bottom of hill.

Back to my sunday run. The trails were mucky in parts and falling apart in others. The underlying snow pack is melting and in places my foot plunged into deep sludge. With the continued warming trend since then the tails are off limits for the most part.I spent about 80% of my 29 km run on snow and my legs were weary as a result. I use Rosedale Valley Road as a connector for a lot of long runs and I know for many it would great if the paved path were plowed through the winter. To that end I saw a large group of runners running on the roadway which I would find dangerous because of the winding nature of the road and some of the fast, Jackie Stewart like, driving I have seen over the years on that road.

Good luck on the streets and cheers for now