With the cold the trails are again runnable


Yours truly at the Brooklyn Marathon 2014


Hi on a frigid friday

The trails are in good shape and I will be on them tomorrow. I didn’t get out on the trails yesterday partially because of time but I must admit that I couldn’t bear the thought of going out one more time into the freezing cold. With warmer weather so close at hand I balked. More on this idea in a minute. So off to the track I went. A hard 5000 m followed by a moderate 5000 m. On thursdays I work as a coach for Marathon Dynamics. Marathon Dynamics is a wonderful group of folks with Kevin Smith as head coach. He is an incredible runner who is also a extremely knowledgeable coach who trains a large group of runners at various locations around the GTA. I am fortunate to work with Kevin at the indoor track at Monarch Park C.I. in Toronto’s east end.

Back to the idea of not being able to get out the door yesterday. It was Woody Allen, quite possibly, who said “80 % of life is showing up”. Well running is exactly that. The discipline to get out the door. I have been the guy out the door for past 35 years or so but once in a while, like yesterday, I get soft and choose the path of least resistance, like the warm toasty, though crowded, track. There are many themes to explore here which I will start doing in my weekly sunday column. This column will be more about the philosophy of running and what I have learned in those 35 years getting out the door. Ok hope to see you on the trails and it all starts at the bottom of Pottery Road and of course getting out the door.

Cheers and always wave to your fellow runners. To paraphrase and for the second time I will use a quote, “Be kind as we are all facing a hard struggle”