Tuesdays snow has the trails dormant

Hi again

Yesterday’s snowfall has shutdown the trails at least for a few days. Experience has taught me that we are going to need a bit of a freeze or a few days of sun to get the trails operational again. I will check the trailhead tomorrow. I knew that the today would be definitely out. A crust has formed on the trail and it will take a few brave mtn bikers to blaze a trail.

Last night was an off night with a running work get together at the Black Toe running store at Bathurst and Adelaide. Great store and lots of runners out with most of talk about the Chilly Half from the weekend or the upcoming Around the Bay or of course Boston. It is always a debate whether to run the Bay or save the effort for Boston. I have always gone with run both. Last year went super well for both but then of course I wonder whether Boston could have been even better.

Well my 16 km run down Carlaw and around the portlands and the spit was nice. It will do for tonight and hopefully back at the trails soon.

Cheers for now