Toronto True Running is active !


We have spent the last little while getting this website up and running as well putting together what I believe is an exciting concept that will add a great deal to the enjoyment of running in Toronto

For the past 15 years or so I have run, explored and help maintain some of the most beautiful spots to run in this city. The Don Trail system that I speak of is most likely not the Don Trail system that most runners know. Many runners know the wonderful paved path that links the waterfront trail with Riverdale, Taylor Creek, Sunnybrook and Edwards gardens is a great way to have an enjoyable generally traffic run in Toronto. I often use the paved Don Trail for runs either in very wet weather, after a big snow or to connect to some other parts of the city. I am fortunate to live very close to the top of the Pottery Road hill and like today, get a flying start to my run as well as a wonderful (hmmm) challenge as I head home.

The trail system I speak of here is the dirt single track trail system that goes and goes and then goes on some more, throughout the Don Valley . I have explored almost all of it over the years, and of course I have my favourite parts, but it is all a hidden gem near the core of the city. Today’s run was an easy 10 k recovery from the 30 k of yesterday. I did almost all on the trails and revelled in the sun streamers through the trees and suffered slightly as the hills and the mushy snow took it’s toll. The trail conditions were, as I like to call them, Mashed Potatoes. I liken days like today to running on slightly frozen mashed potatoes.

I will be posting daily about trail running in Toronto. There may be days where I am not out on the trails because of travel, other runs which I throw in from time to time or trail conditions are such that out of respect for the trails I choose to stay off them.

Cheers for Monday March 2nd and have a swell run tomorrow. I hear there may be tricky conditions and I will try to update the trail conditions when I go out. My runs usually occur between 4 and 6 pm.