Welcome to Toronto TRUE Running

images (2)Toronto TRUE Running (Trail Running-Urban Experience) offers beginner and experienced runners alike a unique trail-running opportunity… without leaving the GTA!

National masters’ class runner Lawrence Warriner introduces local trail runners to the best trails in the city (many accessible via TTC) while illustrating the benefits of running off the downtown core:


  • Stress release – the runner is in nature, and not battling traffic and congestion
  • Terrain variation – uphill and downhill
  • Diverse pacing achieved running up and down hills means an enhanced running and fitness experience
  • Increased spatial awareness
  • Higher body awareness of how a runner runs
  • Improved strength and fitness over regular road running and less susceptibility to injury
  • A more hospitable running environment, sheltered from heat, wind, and light rain.

Contact Lawrence at torontotruerunning@gmail.com to learn more about the benefits of trail running in the GTA.