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Toronto TRUE Running (Trail Running-Urban Experience) offers beginner and experienced runners alike a unique trail-running opportunity without leaving the GTA!

National masters’ class runner Lawrence Warriner introduces local trail runners to the best single track dirt trails in the city (many accessible via TTC) while illustrating the benefits of running off road.

Trail running is different. Trail running gives the runner so much more. Imagine no stoplights, stop signs, honking traffic, fumes, fuming drivers, hard pavement, crowded sidewalks, endless block after block of curbs and no distractions. Instead run on single track dirt trails that wind up and down the side of Toronto’s Don Valley. Almost endless trails that are home to deer, coyotes, skunk, bunnies, hawks and many more creatures that share our woods. There you will find trails covered in a shower of fall foliage, sprinkled with spring bluebells that coat the hills near Bayview Ave. and glowing with sun streamers that shine through the trees in late afternoon. Imagine the first fall of gentle snow frosting the way forward. I share these woods with a few mtn bikers, an occasional dog walker and  a few fellow runners. Now I hope to share these trails with a few small groups of  runners. Group size is limited to 10 per group. Individual attention and connection are what the trails and Toronto True Running offers. So get back to the roots of running and find balance, peacefulness and joy in your running.

Contact Lawrence at torontotruerunning@gmail.com to learn more about the benefits of trail running in the GTA.

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